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by Melissa Mauriks Speechley

My name is Melissa Mauriks Speechley, I am the founder and creator of MAURIKS JEWELLERY.

All of my work is created by hand. Bending, shaping, filing, sanding and polishing.

My inspirations come from nature, the shapes and textures I see all around me.

I am attracted to Crystals and Gemstones not only for their beauty, but also for their healing property's, traditional meanings and zodiac connection's. The beauty & colours in these piece's of earth inspires me.

All photography is also done myself, this is another one of my passions and the two work well together.

At Mauriks, I am focused on providing unique handcrafted jewellery. All of My Designs are made with Sterling Silver. I also have a range of sterling silver that is 100% recycled and made here in Australia.

The Crystals and Gemstones used in my work are sourced from all over the world.

Custom Made Pieces are also available.

Look around my website and if you see anything you like or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

I hope to see you again! Check back for new updates to my website. There's much much more to come!